MUSE 180

Muse 180 is the book I am writing. Its a motivational guide for women, a turn around book.  Something to insipre us to take action on our own behalf. All works are original and copy written… Enjoy! – Lainie


I put the fragments together in your imagination.
For your desperate searching soul I send my sympathy.
Your beliefs create your reality, I let you escape.
I am the queen mistress,
Through my eyes you are able to see
I am mystery capable of influencing change.
In my temple the universe is no longer suffering.
My creativity allows me to distract you,
I slip the poison truth into your drink.
My anatomy is not a burden, it is the prehistoric power
that forces you to pretend, can you feel me?
I am the seductive, the passionate sorrow that bounds
you to unnecessary wonder.
I am a companion in the lonesome dark, a rhythm in your soul.
Though we are only acquaintances, you anticipate our meeting.
I lay before you in this hot spoon of destiny
as you push up your sleeve and send me rushing through
your crying veins, no doubt of control in your mind.
My prehistoric power has once again forced you to be a
pretender of my seductive passion. Forgive me if I lose control.


I have examined each senseless detail,
along this transition from fiction to fuctional.
I am exempt from verbal resources,
optical activity allows me to create a supportive observation.
The definition spinning like warped vinyl,
mutated tones arouse artificial behavior.
Your options in this triva game are few, shine or shiver.
A tribute to the exposer of RUDE,
seems to activate an orbit of inspirational energy.
RUDE is a dose of a future of illusions,
a fatal, magnetic master of unity through imagination.
An exposed nerve, a professional reference blessed with the gift of
Letting the air in, we appreciate the mystery of the unspoken artist,
expressing themselves through a mute encounter
that infects the flame inside us all.


I appear before you, no dirt on the exterior.
Your effort to exist in my eden is refreshing.
At times I feel dry, In your presence I feel flushed.
Such a change can seal up my internal package.
My instinct tells me your desire is alive,
the color that you add is like none I could have created.
An empty canvas lays before me.
Its difficult to digest your heart, when it is stuck in your throat.
My deep breath turns shallow, missing you increases my endurance.
My eyes are red, I have mixed my paint with the tears.
I crave the dreamy dose of your lips,
I seek the exotic smell on your skin,
The ecstasy of being lost in your eyes.
Just the essence of your spirit unlocks the complex puzzle in my head.
Now I shall be strong, I am fortunate to look ahead.
I wish to be your future, never frozen in time.
I will never put the frame over the unworked art,
I will always apply color to the design.
There are few so generous with their love.
I wear no costume, for you my soul stands naked.
To you I announce that every bone in my body believes
to be engulfed in you.
I flinch at my fantasy, I need your gentle touch to consult me.
The deeper you descend into me, the more you disinfect me.
Because of the distance made in error, you are my missing element.
The effortless fire still burns, never allowing the fungus to grow.
I gather myself up and I will continue to defy the laws of loneliness.
I can not compare your love, it is the fountain I swim in.


Out of the complex universe
my confession is abnormal.
As casusal as a glance,
Luck, my only game.
Its not a felony or even worth a citation.
Yet, its is wicked, my wicked Luck,
not dishonest but determined, I cover my ground.
Wisdom, Alive with defense,
I see you balanced., like a customized descendant from my luck.
I will crawl to the divine destination
just to escape this disorder in my head.
Examine what foundation I stand on,
oddly the consumption of failure doesnÕt engulf me.
I only crave to distract your blinking eyes from this dimension.
Enter my Luck,
I admire the beast that will not be the destroyer
Yet I wonÕt deny the lust for physical attachment.
You are a gift from Luck.


I have escaped my reality, into the intoxicating arms of desire,
I feel the heat.
Ultimate power, abducting my naked rhythm, you broke my flow.
I try to bury my abnormal thoughts with in your distracting eyes,
I can’t help but turn away.
Forgotten memories of passion and lust,
my own seductive abuse bubbling up in my head.
Don’t ruin my high with the truth,
the chemical energy mixing with my emotions is dangerous.
I cry alone, sitting in the moonlight, whispering secrets to my
unsatisfied soul.
Radiant intimidation you hold within your silent lips,
squeeze me tighter, change my mood.
Yielding I relax in the visions of change.
Your arms are my protection from the electric shock of the universe,
I am conscious.
I apologize if I intrude into the wonders in your head,
I’m only amazed by quality.
Heavenly light,
I have adjusted my restraints and broke loose, holding my breath,
scattering my thoughts.
Peace in my clutched fist,
I’ve been involved in a head on collision with an angel,
thank you.