Prototype for Jewelry Line

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Hello! I have been wanting for the longest to create custom pendants! Finally I have found the right substrate to work with and I am very excited. This is the very first one that turned out good. So this is the prototype of something great to come. I expect to create and finalize my first batch of these in the next 2 weeks. I will be creating a few custom ones that will be sent out to some very special people. I just wanted to introduce you to the next project I am working on. This way when you see them in the stores you can let everyone know that you knew about these when they were in their prototype stage. Thank you to everyone who is constantly supporting me and my crazy ideas. I love you all and will make you proud. I am limitless and full of ideas that I can bring to life. This is just the next step in my process to ultimate greatness!! .. – Lainie

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